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All about sweets & spices

Kesari is an Indian restaurant offering traditional Indian sweets and cuisine. We aim to tantalize your senses and take you on a mythical journey with delicately prepared gourmet Indian sweets and eats. Situated in South Surrey & White Rock, our main objective is to enable our customers to experience the delectable taste of India.
Join us and enjoy our special thalis, snacks, and sweets garnished with the beautiful deep red strands of kesar, adding a hint of yellow to your food, signifying purity in all your meals. The warmth of the seasoning signifies the hospitality of our friendly staff, serving all our customers with love.

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Dining with richness begins here!

Dahi Bhalla

Soft lentil fritters drenched in creamy curd topped with chutneys

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Dal Makhani

Slow cooked black gram lentils finished with butter and cream

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Paneer Tikka

Paneer marinated in traditional spices

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Serving a slice of India on your plate with love and compassion

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